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Scala Files and tuning

What they do

The ARIA Player uses Scala files (SCL) to achieve many scales and temperaments. Scala files are a commonly used standard for defining scales and temperaments, and a number of common and historical tunings are already included with your installation. The common tuning standard of Equal Temperament is selected by default.

Scala file reference

Scala is a standard file format for defining musical temperaments and tunings. The ARIA Player includes sixteen Scala files that can be used as preset tunings. Scala files are editable and you can create your own; more information can be found at

Filename Description Scale degrees Tuning
01 - equal.scl Twelve-tone equal temperament 12
broadwood_best.scl Form of Victorian temperament (1885), Broadwood's Best (Ellis tuner number 4) 12
carlos_alpha24.scl Wendy Carlos' Alpha scale with perfect fifth divided in nine, in two octaves 24
carlos_circular.scl Wendy Carlos' optimized Werkmeister-style "Circular" temperament 12
fifth_comma_meantone.scl 1/5-comma meantone scale 12
just_intonation.scl Basic just intonation with 7-limit tritone 12
kellner_bach.scl Kellner's temperament, modified Werckmeister III 12
kirnbergerIII.scl Kirnberger III 12
lehman-bach.scl Brad Lehman's Bach keyboard temperament 12
pythagorean.scl 12-tone Pythagorean scale 12
quarter_comma_meantone.scl 1/4-comma meantone scale. Pietro Aaron's temperament (1523). 6/5 beats twice 3/2 12
rameau.scl Standard French temperament, Rameau version (1726), C. di Veroli, 2002 12
sixth_comma_meantone.scl 1/6-comma meantone scale (tritonic temperament of Salinas) 12
temperament_ordinaire_II.scl French 18th century temperament ordinaire II (1/6) 12
werckmeisterIII.scl Andreas Werckmeister's temperament III (1681) 12
young_1799.scl Thomas Young well temperament (1799) 12

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