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Dynamic range

What it does

Example: One way to use the dynamic range is to decrease it, instead of processing your sound with a compressor. When you decrease the dynamic range, something similar to compression happens, in that the sound is contained to a tighter range, but unlike compressors, a lower dynamic range does not process away the natural harmonic texture and character of the piano.

The dynamic range refers to the difference in volume between the loudest possible note and the softest possible note. When the Dynamic Range knob is at 50%, you'll experience the natural dynamic range of the sampled Yamaha CFX concert grand piano. Turn the Dynamic Range knob above 50% to make the softest notes even softer, and turn the Dynamic Range knob below 50% to make the softest notes louder. The dynamic range setting can have a large influence on the expressive characteristics of the piano.

To change the dynamic range

  1. Click the Advanced button. The Advanced view appears.
  2. AdjustClick and drag the knob up or right to increase and down or left to decrease. the Dynamic Range knob until you achieve the desired dynamic range.

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