Registration, installation, and activation

Before you can use the Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand, you must register it with MakeMusic, install it onto your computer, and then activate it to enable every feature.


In order to activate your library, you need to register the CFX Concert Grand to your MakeMusic account. If you're a new MakeMusic customer, create your account first.


Everything you need to install the CFX Concert Grand is stored on the USB flash drive included with your purchase. The USB flash drive is not a form of copy protection, and does not need to remain plugged in after you've successfully completed the installation. Please take note of the system requirements before installing.


After you've installed and registered the CFX Concert Grand, activate the library for use on your computer. Unless activation is completed with your encrypted, personalized keycard, the CFX Concert Grand will run in demo mode. In demo mode, sound is disabled after five minutes, and saving presets is disabled.

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CFX Concert Grand User Manual

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