Historical Tuning (Scala files) and stretch tuning

What it does

The Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand uses Scala files (SCL) to achieve many scales and temperaments. Scala files are a commonly used standard for defining scales and temperaments, and a number of common and historical tunings are already included with your installation. The common tuning standard of Equal Temperament is selected by default.

You can learn more about Scala files at http://www.huygens-fokker.org/scala/scl_format.html.

Stretch tuning subtly flattens the low pitches of the piano and sharpens the high pitches. The lower or higher the pitch on the keyboard, the more the pitch is flattened or sharpened respectively. Stretch tuning is a standard piano tuning practice that helps keep the instrument more in tune with itself.

When the Stretch Tuning knob is in the center, you are hearing the natural intonation given to the CFX Concert Grand by Yamaha's piano technician. Turn the Stretch Tuning knob to the right of center to exaggerate the amount of stretch tuning, and turn it left of center to decrease the amount of stretch tuning.

If you need only to uniformly raise or lower the pitch of the piano, use the Pitch Standard menu or Fine Pitch box.

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