Using Garritan sounds in Digital Performer 8

Garritan instruments are used in Digital Performer by opening the ARIA Player plug-in. Once your tracks are set up, add keyswitches and MIDI messages to bring realism to the performance of your music, and fine tune the sound of Garritan instruments. Garritan libraries use both keyswitches and MIDI messages to change instrument techniques, articulations, and effects.

This article will walk you through setting up Digital Performer to recognize the ARIA Player, selecting Garritan instruments for your tracks, assigning channels, and adding MIDI messages to affect playback.

Setting up the ARIA player in Digital Performer

Digital Performer will scan for VST plug-ins upon launch. Once your Garritan library is installed, make sure it is set up correctly and then you can enable it for use with Digital Performer.

Setting up tracks

Digital Performer can route information from MIDI tracks to the ARIA player to use the Garritan sounds for playback.

Controlling Playback

Use MIDI messages and keyswitches to make your music more expressive and realistic. In Garritan libraries, Keyswitch instruments are identified by a KS in the name. The keyswitch is created by adding a specifically designated note found below the instrument's range into the instrument track.

To see how these features work, we will use a track with Trumpet 1 KS from GPO4 and the Mod Wheel to add a crescendo.


Digital Performer Setup

Adding Instruments

Controlling Playback


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